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Toyota's extensive portfolio of subsidiaries includes the brand Daihatsu, a relatively unknown name here in the States. Daihatsu offers a lineup of budget vehicles, mostly hatchbacks, and sells some models, such as the Altis, which is nothing more than a rebadged Toyota Camry. Daihatsu focuses on minicars, often offered at rock bottom prices and sold overseas, particularly in European countries.

More than any other, two carmaking giants sit at the top of the industry: Toyota and General Motors. But while GM sells under a (shrinking but still) expansive range of brands, the Toyota Motor Corporation sells most of its vehicles under its own name. That doesn't mean that Toyota, however, doesn't have its own portfolio of subsidiaries. Here in the United States we have the youth-oriented Scion division, while Lexus handles its upscale offerings, and overseas there's Daihatsu.

While Suzuki no longer sells two-door versions of the Grand Vitara SUV in the North American market they are still available overseas. The UK market is now getting a new diesel engine for the two door variant supplied by Renault. The 1.9L four cylinder turbo diesel is rated at 127hp/221lb-ft of torque and has fuel efficiency of 32mpg combined. Unfortunately the CO2 emissions are an unimpressive 195 g/km and no diesel will be available in US models.

European Union new car sales were up in May, and one-time General Motors partner Fiat came out of the month as the big winner, with market share rising from 5.5 percent to 7.8 percent.