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Google Street View catches flock of Ferraris in natural habitat

Click the above image for a closer look at the assembled Ferraris

Ferrari to help save the world by lowering CO2 emissions

Ferrari may only produce about 6,000 supercars per year, but the Italian automaker still wants to help control global warming by reducing its CO2 emissions by 40-percet. That's a substantial savings when one considers that Ferrari will need to reach their goal by sustaining and likely improving overall performance. General Manager Armedeo Felica told Reuters that Ferrari intends to reach this goal in 2012 by improving the efficiency of their engines and bringing down the weight of its already tr

Enzogate update: Dietrich may exist after all

Remember Dietrich? He was the mystery German man Stefan Eriksson first said was driving that Ferrari Enzo last year when it crashed. After Eriksson admitted to being the driver, Eriksson said he must have fabricated Dietrich due to the blackout he suffered after the crash.

Eriksson cops plea

Another day, another Eriksson story. Looks like we might be heading towards a final chapter in this saga, however. After what appeared to be a mistrial a couple of days ago, where the jury was deadlocked 10-2, today's report has Eriksson pleading no contest to embezzlement and being a felon with a firearm. Eriksson was sentenced Tuesday to three years in state prison by Judge Patricia Schnegg, and was ordered to pay

Mistrial declared in Enzogate

Former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson seems to have extended his lucky streak just a little while longer. On Friday, the jury in his trial on two counts of grand theft auto and fraudulent concealment told the judge they were deadlocked 10-2. Judge Patricia Schnegg declared a mistrial, but the LA District Attorney said that they would retry Ericksson.

Paris Motor Show: Ferrari 612 P4/5 photos

Eric Bryant just wired a whole batch of pics of our favorite coachbuilt supercar, the James Glickenhaus commissioned Ferrari 612 P4/5! Now it's true we've covered this car extensively in the recent past, but if you don't want to see any more photographs of it, you can just skip this item. For those who can appreciate too much of a good thing when that thing is so very good, click through for more pics and links to previous posts about this Enzo-based homage to the LeMans-winners from Ferrari's g

EnzoGate marches on, adds police officer impersonation to intrigue

If the Stefan Eriksson story doesn't at least net a made-for-TV movie, it'll be a cryin' shame. The latest development in the already corkscrewed caper is that a business associate of the Enzo-ending fallen tech mogul was arrested Tuesday for impersonating a police officer in an attempt to buy firearms.

Crazy Enzo crash guy loses another whip

Stefan Eriksson has lost yet another supercar in his dwindling collection of elite automobiles. The first we all recall was his Ferrari Enzo that disintegrated upon impact with a telephone phone on the Pacific Coast Highway. This time his wife is responsible for the loss, as she was pulled over in Beverly Hills driving the family McLaren SLR without a valid driver’s license while the car was still sporting Britis