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An in-depth look at how Envia failed to bring its new battery tech to GM

Not long ago, Envia Systems' innovative battery looked like it would break barriers. The "High Capacity Manganese Rich (HCMR)" technology was supposed to provide General Motors with an affordable battery that could power the next-generation Jon LeSage

Legal trouble casts shadow on cheap, 300-mile Envia battery for EVs

A bit shy of two years ago, battery startup Envia Systems looked quite promising. The Silicon Valley company had produced a 400-watt-hours-per-kilogram lithium ion battery and claimed it could be placed inside an electric car that would cost $20,000 and be able to travel 300 miles on one charge. It was enough to bring in millions of dollars in

GM still talking about 300-mile EVs with high energy density batteries

Sometimes, you have to go across the border to get the skinny on what's happening in the US. For example, did you know GM might be testing electric cars with batteries that have about three times the energy density of today's EV?

Electric drive industry responds to A123's bankruptcy, takeover by Johnson Controls

Something interesting happened after A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy last week: the plug-in vehicle industry circled the wagons. AutoblogGreen received press releases and statements from a variety of electric vehicle (EV) players that, when taken as a whole, seem to indicate this particular bankruptcy filing hit a little closer to home than when, say, Sebastian Blanco

GM-backed Envia claims huge advance in cheaper, better batteries for 300-mile EVs

Looking for signs that the automotive landscape may be changing sooner than most people realize? Here's one. Domenick Yoney

GM invests $7M in battery startup Envia Systems

Hot off the heels of investing $5 million in Powermat, GM has announced a $7-million-dollar investment in battery startup Envia Systems. GM's investment was the largest chunk of a $17 million-dollar round of funding that Envia has secured. This California-based company concentrates its R&D on developing cheaper

A Voltron for lithium batteries? 14 companies, Argonne National Lab join forces

Perhaps a flock-like approach to building lithium batteries for vehicles is what it'll take. A new alliance has been formed between the Argonne National Laboratory and 14 US companies to try and "perfect" li-ion batteries for cars, the lab announced this week. The alliance, called The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture, will ask for between $1 and $2 billion from the US government over five years to help with the task. Much has been made of the way that Americ