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How to Troubleshoot a Small Engine Problem

Engine problems can happen slowly or suddenly.

How to Troubleshoot a Car Exhaust or Engine Noise

By nature, the combustion engine is supposed to make noise.

How to Troubleshoot a Car That is Hard to Start

If you have difficulty starting your car, it can be hard to know what's causing this problem.

How to Replace a Vent Oil Separator

No matter the type of vehicle you drive and whether it has a gas or diesel engine, it has some sort of positive crankcase ventilation system.

How to Replace a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Switch

With engines getting smaller but demand for power along with efficiency increasing, variable valve timing (VVT) gives you the best of both worlds.

How to Understand Compression and Power Systems in Small Engines

Though engines have evolved over the years, all gasoline-powered engines use the same principles to function.

How to Replace an Engine Mount

Engine mounts act as a vibration damper protecting the surrounding steel of the frame and or sub-frame on your vehicle.

How to Replace a Harmonic Balancer

The purpose of a harmonic balancer is to dampen the harmonic vibrations that all engines produce.

How to Do a Compression Test

Over time, you may have noticed your vehicle not running quite as well as it did when you first bought it.

How to Ensure Fuel Injectors Are Receiving the Correct Voltage

If your engine is running rough, there may be an issue with the vehicle’s fuel delivery system.

How to Remove Cylinder Head Bolts

Removing the head is a major step in removing the cylinder head.

How to Install a Camshaft

Over the years, engines have evolved in so many ways.

How to Replace an Engine Oil Pump

The oil pump is the heart of the engine - it pumps vital lubricant and supplies pressure to every moving part.

How to Check the Choke on a Carbureted Engine

The choke is a plate in the carburetor that opens and closes to allow more or less air into the engine.

Here's a 4-pound, 3-hp experimental rotary engine in a go-kart

It's not a Wankel, but it is installed in a go-kart. LiquidPiston's X Mini engine gets a micro-scale workout in this video.

How to Prep an Engine Block for Paint

When you are rebuilding an engine, you’ll probably want to paint the engine block.

Question of the Day: Best forgotten straight-six engine?

Think beyond the M20 and Slant-6.

Straight-six engines have been installed in fast cars, reliable cars, and miserable cars for many decades. Which lesser-known one deserves more recognition?

Question of the Day: Greatest 4-cylinder engine of all time?

The four-cylinder engine goes back 120+ years. Which one is best?

With thousands of four-bangers to choose from, selecting the all-time greatest might be a challenge. Do it anyway!

How to Replace a Head Gasket

The cylinder head gasket is a seal located between the engine block and cylinder head assembly.

Honda patents engine with different cylinder displacements

The idea is to increase the options for cylinder deactivation and narrow the spacing between them.

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