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Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is now available to the general public through Amazon.com.

Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is catching on slowly, but surely. Earlier this month, UL announced that some of Enterprise's rental vehicle fleet will soon reuse its own spent motor oil. Worried? Don't be. Here's how it'll work: beginning at Enterprise's airport service centers in five states, UL will collect spent motor oil from Alamo, Enterprise and National vehicles and proceed to re-refine the fluid, thereby transforming what was once unwanted waste into Eco Ultra mo

Universal Lubricants' (UL) recycled Eco Ultra motor oil is catching on slowly, but surely. Made in the U.S. at the company's "re-refinery," Eco Ultra is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified engine oil with one of the highest percentages of recycled content, according to UL. Eco Ultra meets or exceeds the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) requirements and most vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

Back in 1965, a winemaker in Australia had a novel idea. He decided that wine in a bottle was wasteful in many ways and thus came forward with the invention of boxed wine. While some applauded his innovative thinking, wine purists thought that the invention was all kinds of evil (but it did set up a nice joke on Arrested Development one time). 45 years later, Shell Lubricants has decided to reuse his idea in a totally different way by offering boxed motor oil. Shell describes its new packaging a

There are broad strokes that you can take toward increased efficiency. Going that route results in expensive new technology or plucking the low-hanging fruit. The other way, of course, is to optimize everything obsessively, from wheel bearings to wiper blades. Engine oil is a vital, yet unsung necessity, and it can play a big role in fuel consumption as well as its obvious task of protecting the engine's internals.

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