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Energtek, which we remember from their ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) projects, has announced that they can successfully convert a two-stroke engine to use natural gas. The converted vehicle, a Yamaha RS100T motorcycle with a locally-produced sidecar, was converted to burn natural gas by utilizing Energtek's ANG technology. The company claims that this is the first recorded success of converting a two-stroke engine for a large-scale commercial project.

Energtek has announced that it's collaborating with the Filipino government and PNOC-EC to convert three-wheeled vehicles to natural gas-powered systems by means of storing it in tanks of Adsorbed Natural Gas. Energtek says ANG is safer because it uses lower pressures to store natural gas and allows for easier refuelling.

Angstore Technologies, an Energtek subsidiary, has announced that they have completed tests for a scooter powered with natural gas. However, instead of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the fuel is stored using ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas). The scooter is a converted version of one of the most popular vehicles in India.