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Electrovaya's new li-ion batteries are safer, less prone to fire risk

Electrovaya, the Canadian lithium-ion battery maker, is ready to go full speed ahead on battery production after cutting its output and improving its technology.

Electrovaya delivers li-ion batteries to undisclosed U.S. automaker for PHEV

For more than a year, Canada-based lithium-ion battery manufacturer Electrovaya has worked with Dodge on its prototype plug-in hybrid Ram truck project. The plug-in pickup, which uses Electrovaya's 12-kWh lithium-ion "SuperPolymer" battery, is expected to hit fleets

Electrovaya launches scalable lithium-ion energy storage system

Electrovaya, a developer of lithium-ion battery systems, has announced the launch of a product line targeted at solving the energy storage challenges that utilities are faced with today. Electrovaya's Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (LIBESS), a smart grid-capable unit, stores excess el

Electrovaya gets $16.7 million investment from Ontario government

It's not just the US government that is handing out money to companies involved in advanced battery development. The government of Ontario has decided to put up to $16.7 million into Electrovaya. The company is based in Mississauga, just west of Toronto. The money will be used to further the company's research efforts and help them move toward commercialization of the technology. Electrovaya is developing what it calls a lithium SuperPolymer battery platform. The company's focus is on some of th

ExxonMobil/Electrovaya's electric car, the Maya 300, gets detailed tomorrow

If you had gobs and gobs of money, would you spend some on an electric car? What if your core business was selling people oil and gasoline? That's what ExxonMobil is all about, but the company is backing the electric car sharing program AltCar that uses a new EV called the Maya 300.

Electrovaya to supply batteries to Norwegian EV maker

Canadian battery developer Electrovaya has reached an agreement with Norway's Miljobil Grenland to supply energy storage systems. Miljobil Grenland has been manufacturing electrically driven vehicles since 1997 and is partly owned by utilities Skagerak Energi and Norsk Hydro. As part of the deal, Electrovaya will get an equity stake in the car maker. The batteries will be based on Electrovaya's SuperPolymer lithium ion technology. SuperPolymer is a battery construction technique that isn't depen

Detroit 2008: Bricklin and Electrovaya team on PHEV battery system

At the Detroit Auto Show today, Visionary Vehicles, the latest project from serial entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin, made a big battery announcement. The company is teaming up with Electrovaya to develop a lithium ion battery pack for use in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The two companies are forming a joint-venture to design and build battery packs using Electro