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AltCar 2008: Prometheus' solar-powered electric motorcycle

click for more shots of the Prometheus Electric Motorcycle

Honda VFR conversion to electric power now complete

Why do so many people want to be hatin' on home electric vehicle conversions? When we featured Andrew Angellotti and his DIY Mazda pick-up truck conversion, a lot of people felt the need to criticize what this boy had done. Granted, there were some who defended him as well, but the very fact that people took the time to denegrate what he'd done was strange to me. Guess I shouldn't be surprise

Deus Ex Machina, an electric Yamaha-branded exoskeleton

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Scrapheap Challenge motorcycles pit electricity against gasoline

We love the British show Scrapheap Challenge. Reruns of the old Junkyard Wars episodes sometimes appear on satellite TV, and we've seen all of them. The show still runs in the U.K., and the latest episode featured junkyard-derived motorcycles, which the show charitably describes as superbikes. One rule in particular made the challenge rather difficult: no parts originally u

Instructable of the day: Build a 70 mph, 72 volt electric motorcycle

Three months and $3,000 is what it took Instructable's poster Stryker (aka Ben) to build this great electric motorcycle. Unhappy with rising gas prices and ready to learn, Ben took a 1984 Honda Interceptor 700, gutted the gasoline components and added a 72V Advanced DC motor and 6 Yellow Top Optima batteries. He's explained the process here and here.

Video: Electric E-Boxer motorcycle coming to the U.S. takes on Honda CBR

Racing electric motorcycles is something we seem to be seeing more and more of. The race we're talking about here was a friendly three-lap affair at a track on the edge of Bangkok, Thailand that ended (*spoiler alert) in a win for the gas machine. However, if the Electri

How to build your own electric Kawsaki

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The Whirlygig Emoto: a flame-throwing, electric-steam hybrid motorcycle

In case you are not faimiliar with the term "steampunk", it's a part of the literary sci-fi punk genre. Need more explanation? Consult the all-knowing wiki here. Now that we're all on the same page, check out this electric-steam hybrid motorcycle, built by Tom Sepe. We think that it's pretty cool, although the steam part is a bit misleading. Sure, steam bellows forth from the

Brammo's greenhouse gas calculator now in beta mode

Brammo sent out an email to people who've registered at the Enertia bike website about the beta version of a greenhouse gas calculator. I assume this is the precursor to the technology that Brammo representatives told AutoblogGreen about in December whereby Enertia bikes will connect to the Internet and tell owners (and others in a social networking sort of space) how much

AutoblogGreen rides the Quantya electric motorcycle

Not too long ago, we introduced you to an electric motorcycle from a Swiss company knows as Quantya. At that time, we wished that the machine was available here in the States so that we could take a ride on one. Guess what? Our wishes have been granted! Not only is the bike available here, but we got a chance to ride the latest version of the machin

EVS23: Photo gallery of T-Rex electric "motorcycles"

I first wrote a post about the all-electric T-Rex motorcycle/three-wheeler back in February. As we said earlier then, this vehicle can go around 125 mph and has high-end range of 250 miles (125 is the low end, which shows how much of an impact a driving style can have). These Canadian-built vehicles will cost around $50,000 CDN (a