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Nissan has finally delivered fourteen of its Leafs to England's Switch EV project. The trial, which began back in September of 2010, gives drivers first-hand experience in electric vehicles. Selected participants essentially own one of the Switch EV vehicles for six months and are asked to report on their encounters on a regular basis. Mick English, one of the first EV trail drivers to take delivery of the Leaf, has enthusiastically blogged his first impressions of the electric hatch:

The first three-month period of an electric vehicle trial in the UK is complete and it turns out the fleet of of 25 Mitsubishi iMiEVs has been running an average of 23 miles a day and have been parked 97 percent of the time. The majority of individual trips were under five miles, making electric vehicles an ideal choice as long as there is somewhere to plug them in and keep them charged. During the three months from January to March 2010, the cars were used by drivers throughout their speed rang