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We've heard scads of rumors over the past year that General Motors plans to bring a Volt-based Cadillac to market, and it looks like we'll be seeing a concept of the new E-Flex Caddy at the Detroit Auto Show.

We're back for AutoblogGreen Podcast #16. In this installment, Sebastian updates us on some of the really amazing things he saw while at EVS23 in Anaheim. Speaking of really cool stuff, our interview this time is with Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Autosports. Sebastian and Beau talk in depth about the crazyawesomelywild hybrid F450 that was done up for Pimp My Ride, while Sam got to see the Chevy Volt showing a little leg on a recent tour of the E-Flex design studio. We take some time to discuss the

Autoblog Green hits podcast number 10, which has us talking about Martin Eberhard's move at Tesla, for starters. The car is still on track, regardless of management. We've got a couple of interviews, one with Nick Kovics from Ballard Power Systems about the fuel cell work they've been doing with Ford for the Fusion 999 and Ohio State's streamliner and the second with John Laukner talking about batteries for GM's EFlex architecture in the Chevrolet Volt. Speaking of the EFlex, we discuss A123 Sys

Beth Lowery, Vice President, GM Environment and Energy, has posted a new entry on the GM Fastlane blog site. She gives her personal thoughts on GM's stance on the CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards and their role in changing the environment. She sets out to dispel what she refers to as "two long-time myths" regarding GM. The first is that "GM doesn't care about the environment", the second is that "The CAFE program works." It is clear that GM has something to either gain or lose if

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