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Once or twice a month, it seems, an old EV makes its way to eBay. Currently, there are two of the best-known electric vehicles of recent times are on the auction site (good luck finding an EV1 on there), with about a week left before each auction ends. Here's the skinny on each.

Recognize that picture? It's a photo of one the RAV4 EVs that was up on eBay last month, and now it's back. The zero-emission SUV was auctioned off by someone in California and was won by another California resident who offered up $58,100 to buy the car. This bidder turned out to not be serious about actually taking delivery of the RAV4, so eBay is investigating the situation (according to the seller) and the car is back on the block.

Once or twice a month, a RAV4 EV pops up for sale on eBay. The going rate for these all-electric SUVs ranges between $45,000 and $70,000, depending on things like the age of the batteries. There's always a lot of interest in these unique EVs, but how do you stand out from the small crowd? If you're eBay seller mdahn and have a RAV4 EV for sale, you say Michelle Pfeiffer sat in this particular car. The seller claims his wife parks the car in downtown LA for work, and a crew member working on the

The Tesla Roadster EV will cost around $100,000. A Toyota RAV4 EV (if you can find one) will cost you around $60,000. If you want a great-looking electric vehicle for a lot less (at least, it currently costs less), check out this auction on eBay for a 1918/1928 Model 75 Detroit electric car (the seller says that this means that the car was built in 1918 and refurbished in the Detroit factory in 1928). The car is in decent condition in a garage in South Carolina, but will take some work – a