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Eaton hybrid drive systems to utilize Compact Power batteries

Eaton Corporation's work with hybrid electric drive systems for the commercial industry is virtually unmatched. Recently, Eaton announced its selection of Compact Power, a U.S. subsidiary of Korean company LG Chem, as a battery supplier for future Eaton hybrid products. As vice president for Eaton's Hybrid Power Systems Division Dimitri Kazarinoff stated:

A123 Systems signs deal to supply batteries for Eaton-built Ford F-550 PHEV

We've witnessed repair trucks parked curbside idling away for hours spewing emissions while workers perform tasks. In fact, this apparent waste of fuel happens all too often, doesn't it? It's not that the workers are mistakenly leaving the trucks running, it's that the diesel engine provides power to the tools needed to perform repair tasks. So, is there any way to avoid running the engine for hours on end yet still accomplish the necessary work? You bet there is, and Eric Loveday

Eaton developing faster electric vehicle charging system for home, commercial use

With the early initial success of the Nissan Leaf already showing us that electric vehicles are in high demand, we now must address the infrastructure issue. In short, we need more chargers and we need them now. To fill the void, Eaton Corp. has teamed up with Japan-based Takaoka Electric to develop a fast charger for both residential and commercial use.

LG Chem scores four year battery supply deal with Eaton

LG Chem is rapidly shaping up to be one of the world leaders in supplying lithium ion batteries for transportation applications. We already knew that LG Chem would be supplying General Motors with cells for the Chevrolet Volt and packs for the General's upcoming two-mode plug-in hybrid. LG is also supplying packs to Hyundai for its Korean-market Elantra hybrid and the upcoming Sonata hybrid.

Market for heavy duty hybrids drives Eaton expansion

With the cost of diesel still sky high, there is a lot of interest in heavy duty hybrids these days and Eaton Corp. is well positioned to take advantage of the market opportunity. With big truck brands like Peterbilt using their hybrid drivetrains and companies like Coca-Cola demanding them