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Driving Sustainability: How NASA's Mars rovers could improve your next electric car

How far would you go for a better electric car? The ends of the earth? The moon? Ari Jónsson's answer is further than either of these places. He can help find a better electric car on Mars.

Driving Sustainability: Mitsubishi's lithium-ion battery ideas include slashing price of an electric car pack by 75%

Here's an idea to reduce the costs of lithium ion batteries: split it four ways. That was one proposal given by

Driving Sustainability: Framing the Mobility Timeline

Talwar, the CEO Fast Future and author of Designing Your Future, presented four possible scenarios for the world economy:

Driving Sustainability 2010: CHAdeMO quick chargers can "relieve drivers' range anxiety."

The CHAdeMO fast charging protocol is an interesting beast. Developed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) along with Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Fuji Heavy Industries (

Driving Sustainability: Here's the plan to make Iceland a nation full of plug-in vehicles

Gisli Gislason has been a lawyer, a real estate mogul and a film producer (he's behind the 2009 horror flick Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre. Yes, that's a real movie). He's also not satisfied with this long list of accomplishments. A few years ago, he moved back to his home of Iceland after a stint in Denmark and realized no one there was really working to bring in electric cars. Remember, at the time, Sebastian Blanco

Driving Sustainability: Chris Paine checks in via Skype, shows off "Revenge" clip

It makes sense that filmmaker Chris Paine (of Who Killed The Electric Car? fame) would appear at the Driving Sustainability conference via online video. Paine appeared on a panel that discussed the benefits and challenges of transformative technologies. If any tech is transformative, electric vehicles (EVs) certainly are.

Driving Sustainability: President says Iceland can show the world how to go green in a big way

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the President of Iceland, just returned to his homeland from China. Why does this matter? Because the trip gave him a way to frame his opening speech at the Driving Sustainability conference, which began today in Reykjavík. Grímsson detailed some of the global challenges he saw there – and explained how Iceland's long shift toward greener sources of energy can play a role i

How perfect does Iceland's Driving Sustainability '07 conference sound?

Now here's a conference I'd love to attend. Two days of sustainable driving discussion in Iceland. Better than killing two birds with one stone, that'd be like having the birds pluck themselves clean and dive into the soup pot, if you're into eating bird soup.