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The Arizona auction posts are winding down as the results are finally being posted and our recap post is imminent. This is by far the largest automotive auction action of the year with thousands of classic and collector vehicles going across the block, racking up hundreds of millions of dollars in sales numbers. While some of you kept screaming, "More, more, more!" we understand that the rest of the automotive world is slowly coming back to life and it's time to move on.

Yet another custom Mustang story. OK, we understand you might be getting overwhelmed by all of the special 'Stangs on the market right now, but as America's only affordable sportscar with a V8, it's an obvious tuner choice. And this happens to be a Mustang by one of our favorite customizers, Chip Foose. As we reported back in November, Chip Foose was working on a project with Ford to sell limited edition Fooseified products through select Ford dealers. Speculation was that it would be a version

Here are some random photos as a farewell to the wonders of SEMA. Mostly stuff that we walked past and thought we'd get back to later for a more thorough post, only to run out of time. Celebs, models, wheels, tuners, parts, models, trucks, one-offs, race cars, exotics, models, hot rods, muscle cars, concepts and models. Most of the pics in this gallery are from the halls of the Convention center, but half of what makes SEMA such a fascinating show is what happens away from the show floor. Unfort

Michelin is our favorite tire company from now on. Without resorting to the cheap, albeit highly effective and entertaining, trick of hiring booth babes to draw attention to themselves, this French tiremaker still had one of the largest crowds of any vendor at the show. Accomplished with an elegant simplicity that had us drooling from the moment we saw the space. The plan was so breathtakingly simple that we hope others will follow their lead in the future. OK, we wouldn't complain too much if t