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Attentive driving and quick reflexes saved the life of a police officer in Hudson, Wisconsin when an oncoming driver drifted into the officer's lane and struck his cruiser.

Now matter how you slice it – and no matter how many of us admit to doing it – distracted driving is pretty dumb. At first blush, then, it seems odd that a new poll commissioned by InsuranceQuotes.com indicates that well-educated and well-to-do American drivers are the most likely culprits of distracted driving.

We all know that driving while talking on the cell phone is a distraction. Even if you say you're a good driver with superior multi-tasking skills, blabbing on a phone while piloting a two-ton automobile is a quick way to show that you are in fact not smarter than a fifth grader. Don't let Jeff Foxworthy and his band of miscreants shame you, though... nearly all of us have done it in a moment of weakness. A recent survey of 1,000 motorists found that 90 percent believe that talking on the phone