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Jeep's Best And Brightest Lose Their Spark Plugs, Add Whoop-Ass

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When Jeep cancelled the diesel engine option for the Liberty, there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth, at least from the scribes here at AutoblogGreen. The diesel engine option was actually a bit of a surprise hit for Chrysler, and there is still a market of offroaders clamoring for the engine. We've now heard a rumor that, to help meet this pent-up demand, Jeep is considering offering an engine package to convert Jeep TJ's, YJ's and CJ's from gasoline to diesel using the same 2.8 CRD engi

Chrysler LLC should be credited with making a strong push for diesels in the U.S., having sold oil burners like the last-gen Jeep Liberty CRD and current Grand Cherokee CRD for the past few years already. People who prefer crawling rocks to carrying kids, however, are clamoring for a diesel motor in the Wrangler. Though Jeep has no plans of which we're aware on offering a diesel Wrangler in showrooms, Jeep Performance, a division of Mopar, is reportedly working on an engine swap kit that would a