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Following a conversation with Washington Congressman Jay Inslee, Grist blogger David Roberts set out to distinguish between coal gasification and coal-to-liquid (CTL) production. Inslee believes CTL supporters are engaging in a plot to confuse legislators by positioning CTL under a "clean coal" blanket along with gasification. Roberts admitted he confused the two terms in previous writings, and I'll confess I never realized the dramatic differences. So take a look at the Gristmill and follow som

In a lengthy, two-part editorial, David Roberts, a staff writer at Grist, presents his position on unifying the green lobby around the flag of URGE2: Use Renewably Generated Electricity, Efficiently. He is expecting bumper stickers and t-shirts - here's why.

Terry Tamminen got beat up pretty bad following an expanded interview with David Roberts of Grist. AutoblogGreen readers also responded to Tamminen's views on hydrogen. Anyway, Roberts offered Tamminen a forum to respond to the comments. Tamminen didn't respond point by point but rather referred those with questions to his book. But he did bring up a point worth mentioning again, and that is that the environmental community continues to fight world problems divided. "We will need all technologie

David Roberts of the Grist blogs interviewed Terry Tamminen, former secretary of the California EPA and author of "Lives per Gallon: the True Cost of Our Oil Addiction." An abridged version ran on the Grist Web site some time ago, but now Roberts has expanded the Q&A transcript and covers specific subjects. The interview became quite spirited when the topic turned to hydrogen, batteries and electric vehicles. Tamminen is a strong proponent of hydrogen, as is his former boss, governor Arnold