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Qoros could finally be the Chinese brand to fear in the west

Can Qoros Make A Difference Outside The Walls Of China?

Romney doubles down on auto bailout opposition?

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is trailing in the polls in Michigan ahead of that state's February 28 primary, and the former Mass. Governor thinks the way to close the gap is to bash the bailout of the auto industry in 2009 that saved General Motors and Chrysler from being broken up and liquidated in bankruptcy court.

AdSpotting: Prius goes funny... At Last

Steve Nash's trash-talk dance takes some of the granola out of Prius

Opinion: Is BMW becoming too soft?

"Happiness isn't around the corner. Happiness IS the corner." So said an ad for BMW created in 1996 for the Z3. In the TV version (see the video at the very bottom after the break), a heavy-metal music track underlined the idea, which was carried over to magazines and billboards.

Is the New GM a Buy?

After next month's elections, General Motors will rev up its engines to go on the road and try and sell its initial public offering of common stock to savvy investors, especially the big institutional investors with millions of dollars, hundreds of millions in some cases, to put into a stock they like.