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As part of efforts to get ahead of the diesel emissions crisis and rebrand itself, Volkswagen drops its tagline 'Das Auto' for the word 'Volkswagen.'

When Volkswagen reintroduced the Rabbit to the U.S., it claimed that it was drawing on enthusiasts' emotional connection with the Rabbit name, and it wants to draw on even more of that pop culture history with its latest advertising and marketing campaign. VW is referring to its new campaign as "DAS AUTO", or literally as "the car." A black 1964 Beetle called Max will be the star of the campaign as he it converses with such varied celebrities as Heidi Klum, David Hasselhoff (!) and Leonard Nimoy

In amongst all the concept vehicles and new models on Volkswagen's stands at last month's Frankfurt Auto Show was the carmaker's new ad campaign, which can be surmised by just two words – "Das Auto" (German for "The Car"). The hope is that the ads, which have only be launched in Germany thus far, will brainwash you into thinking 'VW' when you think of a car.