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Garmin created a rear radar system for cyclists, allowing you to see approaching cars behind you. Varia has a 5 hour batter and costs about $200. It has a 153 yard range. Learn more at garmin.com

Truckers are witness to an endless stream of foolish, reckless, and dangerous road behavior. Despite this daily exposure to road-related idiocy, a trucker in Canada was shocked to see a cyclist dart across a busy freeway near Toronto on Monday.

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Monkey Lights are weatherproof wheel-mounted LED lights with fun designs that are aimed at improving cyclist visibility.

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Recently surfaced footage shows another road rage scene involving a cyclist. This bizarre incident started as a dispute between neighbors over a parking space.

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A cyclist is run off the road in Glendale, California.

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An op-ed in The Washington Post argues that private automobiles own the road in cities, and mandatory bicycle helmet laws as a way for governments to avoid building a better infrastructure for bikes.

Given the variety of bicycle styles and price points, investing in the right one can prove a challenge. Cruiser, fixie, e-bike? Or how about dusting off that late-90s mountain bike that coordinated so perfectly with your Oakley sunglasses?

Cyclists in the city of Charleston, SC may soon be faced with the daunting task of finding a legal place to park their two-wheeled rides or risk getting the boot instead. The quaint southern city has proposed regulations to crack down on cyclists who decide to defy the law by locking their bikes to parking meters, city signage, trees and the like. The proposal states that the city can immobilize the illegally parked bikes by locking them up until a $45 fine is paid. In extreme cases, the city co

The Grill of a Land Rover... a British cyclists worst nightmare?

Due to the continuing evolution of safety standards, high speed car-on-car impacts have made life better for everyone inside the cars. Now, even pedestrians get love from some car makers in the form of hoods that pop up when the car senses a pedestrian impact, so that the walker doesn't hit the engine block. Now, the Dutch Cycling Federation wants to know: what about us? The federation is asking for exterior airbags to protect cyclists in collisions with cars.