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Watch Mercedes of Australia destroy an imitation wheel with a pothole to show counterfeit part risks.


Ford has dropped a lawsuit against 13 individuals accused of selling counterfeit products with the automaker's trademarks, according to The Detroit News. The company originally wanted to acquire names, addresses, telephone numbers, bank account numbers and emails from sites like eBay and PayPal without informing the accused, but a federal magistrate judge in Detroit initially denied the request, ordering the sites instead to notify its users.

According to Automotive News China, the shady side of the People's Republic is set to sell $45 billion worth of counterfeit auto parts this year. Those include high-volume pieces like spark plugs, brake pads and steering components as well as oil seals and airbags. All told, the report says that China is responsible for a hefty 83 percent of the world's counterfeit parts, leading the top three producers by a wide margin. The report goes on to state that Taiwan and Thailand are responsible for fi