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Checking in with Coskata before we check in with Coskata

Tomorrow and Friday, GM is hosting a biofuels seminar in Chicago. We'll be bringing you full coverage from the Windy City, but before we head over, we wanted to check up on what Coskata has been up to, considering that our friend Wes Bolsen will be on hand and we'll

Coskata cellulosic ethanol pilot plant to be located in Madison Pennsylvania

General Motors and Coskata today announced that a pilot plant for cellulosic ethanol will be built in Madison, Pennsylvania. The plant will located adjacent to the Westinghouse Plasma Center in Madison. The plasma torches that Coskata will be using for their gasification process are based on technology that was developed by GM and Westinghouse in the early e

Coskata begins work on 40,000 gallon-per-year cellulosic ethanol plant

When Coskata came out of stealth mode in January, the company announced that a 40,000 gallon-per-year commercial demonstration plant using a proprietary microbial cellulosic ethanol production process would be in operation by the end of 2008. Greentech Media reports that the

Here's how Coskata will make cellulosic ethanol for $1/gallon

The magical cost of $1 per gallon of cellulosic ethanol is certainly a hot calling card these days, and one of the most well-known purveyors of this story is Coskata. Coskata splashed onto the scene in January with the big GM announcement, and has stayed in the news

Coskata raised $19.5m in Series B funding

Photo by Jenn_Jenn. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Cars.com's visits Coskata, wonders if all this great ethanol can flow from boring surroundings

When AutoblogGreen visited Coskata's Chicago headquarters, we didn't get into details about just how ordinary (in a 21st century American suburban business park kind of way) the surrounding area looked. Cars.com's description of their visit, though, starts off by questioning whether this potential energy

Chicago 2008 AutoblogGreen Q&A: Coskata's Wes Bolsen on the ICM partnership

To get a little more information out of Coskata about this morning's announcement of a partnership with ICM to build the first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant using Coskata's proprietary process (past details on Coskata are here), we tracked down Wes Bolsen, chie

More on Coskata: partners with ICM for cellulosic ethanol plants

While not as big a deal as Coskata's announcement at the Detroit Auto Show, the company is not letting the Chicago Auto Show go by without letting some more cellulosic ethanol news slip out. The company announced today that it had

Detroit 2008: GM and Coskata announce worldwide cellulosic ethanol partnership

General Motors vehicles and biomass materials are two things that you can find pretty much anywhere on the planet. GM and Coskata Energy announced a partnership today at the Detroit Auto Show that certainly hints at a future where you we will find biomass materials fueling GM vehicles in a lot of places, maybe pretty much anywhere.