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A concours d'elegance (French for "parade of elegance") is a high-zoot, high-buck display of mostly pristine historic and collectible automobiles, most of them unaffordable to most of us. Probably the best known such events in the US are the nose-in-the-air Pebble Beach Concours in Monterey, CA, the younger, fresher Amelia Island Concours north of Jacksonville, FL and the Meadow Brook Concours in suburban Detroit.


We first encountered the "regenerative acceleration" system from Thane Heins years ago. You might think that seemingly impossible ideas like this would go off somewhere and never be heard from again, especially in this age of honest-to-goodness EV from major OEMs. But you'd be wrong.

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Prospective ZAP Xebra owners in Mass. take note: your State has just revoked all of the current registrations for the electric three-wheelers. It seems that the State has just come to realize that the machines don't actually qualify as either motorcycles or cars, despite laws regulating three-wheeled vehicles as motorcycles. The hiccup is apparently the roof overhead, as the law oddly allows a single occupant under an enclosed structure, but not a driver and a passenger together. Seems a bit arb

I was in Atlanta yesterday, but I didn’t see this unique little electric car darting through the city streets. Local TV news stations, like 11 Alive, covering this type of story often go for the “oh, isn’t that cute” so I was glad to see a slight bit of depth in this feature on a man who commutes to work in Atlanta in an electric one-seater. The story doesn’t gloss over all the issues surrounding electric cars (check the mention of how it’s not for everyone an