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At the SIA (French Automotive Engineers Society) Congress in Rouen, France this week, Delphi will be presenting information on its latest-generation direct fuel injection and control systems for diesel engines. Delphi produces both electromagnetic servo injectors and the more advanced piezo-electric injectors. For the latest editions of both systems, Delphi has bumped the maximum operating pressures from the 2,000 BAR level that has been used in the last few years up to 2,400 BAR (34,800 psi). T

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One of the keys to making modern diesel engines so powerful and low in emissions has been high pressure common rail fuel injection systems. Vince Piacenti is a senior manager for common rail fuel systems at Bosch. The supplier has put up some vids on YouTube that discuss diesel technology, and Piacenti describes some of the development tools his team uses. Creating injectors that can precisely meter fuel at nearly 30,000 psi and last for the life of the engine is no trivial matter.

PSA automotive brands Peugeot and Citroen have now built over 10 million vehicles powered by their HDi diesel engines. They've reached that threshold in only nine years. HDi is Peugeot's nomenclature for their common rail diesel injection system. The prevalence of diesels in their lineup have made Peugeot and Citroen the lowest CO2 emitters in Europe with an average of 140g/km for 2006.

Today at the Washington DC Auto Show, Chrysler finally announced the pricing and availability of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD. Their first "full sized" diesel will go on sale in March and range from $38,475 for the 4x2 Limited model to $45,395 for the 4x4 Overland. Diesel powered Grand Cherokees have been available in Europe for many years but this is the first time you could buy one in the US market. Unlike the VM Motori engine previously offered in the Liberty, this 3.0L V-6 is built by Mer