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Here's a shocker: a recent opinion poll conducted in five EU countries and sponsored by Friends of the Earth (FoE) shows that European citizens support measures to force carmakers to reduce the fuel consumption of the cars they produce by 25 per cent without delay; this would mean that auto makers would have to lower their average CO2 emissions to 120 g/km. The poll shows that 87 percent of the interviewed people agreed with this statement. According to FoE, this shows that the European Parliam

Here's something that could be useful for car makers: a system that calculates a target CO2 figure based on vehicle weight and the European Commission's so-called 'slope of the line' parameter linking weight to target CO2 as well as the variance from the target figure and any resulting financial penalties.

Is your car more than 15 years old? If so, and you're in Spain, you might be in luck. The Spanish Government thinks that such a vehicle is a very polluting machine and is eager to help you purchasing a cleaner car. The plan is called VIVE (Vehículo Innovador - Vehículo Ecológico or Innvative Vehicle - Ecological Vehicle). To be eligible, your new car shouldn't cost more than €20,000 and should not emit more than 120 g/km of CO2, or 140 g/km if it includes special securi

California has announced a very ambitious plan to reduce pollution by 10 percent from current levels by 2020. If we take the forecasted population increase into account, that means that the state intends to reduce annual emissions to 10 tons of CO2 per person in 2020 from 14 tons per person currently.