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It that a tree coming from the imaginary tailpipe in that Nissan Leaf? Sure looks like it.

As always, we need to at least put on our slightly skeptical hat when we get survey results about a group released by that group. Keeping that small caveat in mind, it appears that people who are part of the TerraPass community are not doing so because they want a green ticket excuse for their extravagant lifestyles. Instead, hey, they care.

Carbon offsetting is one of the more popular ways to be green these days, especially for companies. And why not, you don't actually have to change your lifestyle, you just buy away the guilt of emitting CO2. Not that carbon offset programs are bad, they're not. But it's important to figure out which ones are doing better than others.

Land Rover's carbon offset program introduced last summer will soon get the once-over from a group of "independent" overseers. The group is officially called The Land Rover CO2 Offset Programme Board of Governance. I put independent there in quotes because this group is being organized by Land Rover, even though I have no reason to think they will be hampered in their work. So, for now, they're "independent."