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Shocking Study: Researchers find that men and women don't want the same thing (in cars)

This just in: early reports inform us that water is, in fact, still wet. Also, the clever minds at CNW Market Research have discovered that an individual's personal tastes in a vehicle varies greatly depending on gender and age. Shocking, we know. According to the data, women typically base their purchases on rear visibility, cost, front visibility, remote side mirrors and side air ba

Report: Teen car sales drop as jobs remain scarce

We all remember our first car. There's nothing quite like the memory of seeing your parents hand you the keys to a vehicle you can call your own, and the experience has historically happened somewhere between a child's 16th and 18th year. Right?

Report: Consumers want cup holders, not fuel economy

Consumers prefer cup holders and heated seats over fuel efficiency, according to CNW Marketing Research. That's right, we all talk about how we want our vehicles to be environmentally friendly and easy on gas, but when it comes down to it, what we really want are things to hold our coffee and keep our derrières warm. On the plus side, General Motors is saying fuel economy is becoming more of a priority to shoppers – it points out that four years ago it wasn't even in the top ten