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SEMA Wheels: Clear has staying power

Click for a mini gallery of some of this year's clear rims

VIDEO: 30-inch clear wheels can burn rubber, glad to know

We can't remember anyone asking if a 1985 Chevy Caprice lifted twenty inches on a set of clear, 30-inch wheels could do a burnout, but ladies and gentlemen, you have your answer and it's a resounding YES! Called the Garfield Box, presumably for its orange paint job or love of lasagna, the '85 Caprice is wearing clear "treys" made by MHT wheels that reportedly cost $30,000. A fine investment, for sure, bound to pay itself off somehow. If anything, they'll m

The clearest form of conspicuous consumption: Radurra Clear Wheels

We reported on Radurra's Clear Wheels at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where they debuted, but at the time we could only show you live pics of these transparant polycarbonate wheels because Radurra didn't come prepared with a media kit. After checking back with the company's website, we found a new, large galler

SEMA: Clear wheels steal the show

For all the crazy rides on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, it seems every year a pair of rims manages to attract the most attention. A few years ago it was the arrival of 30-inch rims. Last year it was the $1,000,000 rims from Asanti. This year all we've heard about are these clear wheels that we just have to go check out, so check them out we did before the show closed last night. The D'Vinci Forgiato Radur