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More news about the ever-shifting CO2 legislation targets from the European Commission. As you probably recall, the latest talk is that original 120 g/km target will be weakened to 130 g/km and the timeline to reach that goal will be extended. Turns out, we may never see a vote on the new numbers because the EU Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee decided last week that the 130 g/km target would be illegal and work on any proposed legislation might have to start all over again next year. The UK'

With pro-congestion charge London mayor Ken Livingstone on the way out, there are a lot of questions about what happens next regarding the city's vehicle laws. At least one company, NICE, thinks electric car sales will increase under incoming mayor Boris Johnson, who is against the C-charge. In this time of flux, the UK-based website Clean Green Cars is offering Johnson ideas on how to "help frame a revised Congestion Charge that will be both fairer to motorists and more effective in reducing ov

When Clean Green Cars took a look at the sales-weighted CO2 averages of UK vehicle sales, they found a little something to smile about. Or breathe cleaner about, I guess. During the first quarter of 2008, overall average emissions were down 2.79 percent (from 165.75 grams per km average to 161.13). This is a bigger improvement than what happened between the same time frame a year earlier (then, there was only a 1.23 percent improvement). Of course, 160+ is still a lot when you think about the su