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This time next week, those of us fortunate enough to go to Frankfurt will likely be passed out after a long day of press conferences, caffeine crashes and schnitzel binges. Two of the more compelling concepts we expect to see in Germany include the Volkswagen City Expert and Toyota's Endo microcar, both of which will likely see production in an effort to provide diminutive, low-cost transport across the globe. Fiat apparently wants in on the action too.

Back in April after reports first surfaced about Volkswagen developing a new entry level high efficiency model, there was another rumor that there would be two different versions of the car. VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has now confirmed that the City Expert will indeed follow in the footsteps of the original Bug with an engine in the back end of the car.

A few days ago we showed you a speculative rendering of the VW City Expert concept that will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show that was generated by German magazine Focus. Another pair of images have now turned up on Autoblog.it (no relation to us or sister site Autoblog) that appears to have come from another German language publication.

Start counting down to 2010, and while you're at it, save your Euros. No official images of VW's much discussed City Expert exist, but Germany's Focus Online has a rendering that shows what a cleverly-packaged entry level Volkswagen could look like.

It's been known for many months now that Volkswagen is working on a new small car meant to challenge the Smart ForTwo as a super-compact city car. We've even known that they would be showing it at least in concept form next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We now have a rendering of wha the new car might look like.

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