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PSA targets 15 states for U.S. comeback, but possible tariffs loom

North America CEO names states that are most import-friendly

After leaving the U.S. market by ending Peugeot sales in 1991, PSA now plans to re-introduce itself as a car seller in 2026.

Citroen's Seetroen glasses want to cure your car sickness

Citroen makes Boarding Ring technology developed for boats cool for land

Citroen makes Boarding Ring technology developed for boats cool for land.

Next generation PSA cars could meet United States regulations

CEO Carlos Tavares hints of US-spec PSA cars.

The carmaker has allegedly already decided which French brand would be sold in the States.

French probe alleges 2 million PSA cars had engine cheats

A document discussed the need to "make the 'defeat device' aspect less obvious and visible"

A document discussed the need to "make the 'defeat device' aspect less obvious and visible."

Former Nissan exec to lead PSA brands' return to the US

Larry Dominique says it's a 10-year-project to reestablish PSA in USA.

The first steps have been taken as PSA launches car-sharing service Free2Move at LAX.

PSA's purchase of Opel from GM is expected to be finalized soon

PSA's purchase of the Opel/Vauxhall division from General Motors is expected to be officially announced on Monday.

Peugeot finally returns to America in April... as a car-sharing service

PSA takes a low-key approach to its US return by investing in TravelCar.

PSA takes a stake in car-sharing service TravelCar, which will debut US operations out of Los Angeles and San Francisco airports in April.

Three of the strangest French car features from the 2016 Paris Motor Show

News flash: French cars are strange.

A look at the strange, clever, and wonderful little details on French cars.

Three French cars that nearly translate to American tastes from the 2016 Paris Motor Show

And one that doesn't.

These are the three we'd take home from Paris, if we could.

Peugeot, Citroen definitely want to do car-sharing in North America

Perhaps we really will have French cars in the US again.

Citroen C3 WRC concept shows why we love rally cars

And hot hatches. Look out Ford Fiesta ST.

C3 WRC concept looks incredible and could lead to a road-legal hot hatch.

French cars will return to America, but you won't be able to buy one

Sad news for those hoping to score a new Peugeot or Citroen.

Los Angeles will be the first city serviced by Groupe PSA's new ride-sharing division.

Hop in and fire up 'Citroen Origins' virtual museum website

The text may be in French, but pictures and engine sounds need no translation.

Woman rushing to pub nearly causes head-on collision

Tragedy narrowly avoided in run up to the bar.

Question of the Day: Should French cars return to America?

Renaults and Citroëns and Peugeots once roamed American streets. Do you want them back?

Simca and Panhard are gone, but the Renault, Peugeot, and Citroën marques still exist. Could (or should) they be brought back to the United States?

Peugeot Citroen releases 'real-world' fuel-economy figures

PSA loaded its cars with luggage, ran the A/C during tests.

PSA Peugeot Citroen's testing produces fuel economy figures that are about 40 percent below published levels.

Spanish island wants to ban gas cars with Citroen's help

Citroen has donated six E-Meharis to help the island achieve its green goals.

As the Spanish island of Formentera considers banning internal combustion vehicles, Citroën has donated six E-Mehari EVs to start them on their way.

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