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Chrysler pondering whether Sebring/Avenger replacements should go rear-wheel drive?

Chrysler 200C concept car - click above for high-res image gallery

Chrysler to restart seven North American plants by end of month

Hot on the heels of news that the Dodge Viper's Conner Avenue facility would be the first Chrysler plant to fire up after the company's bankruptcy proceedings/Fiat tie-up comes official word that the automaker will resume production at seven plants the week of June 29. In addition, Chrysler will bring the supporting powertrain and stamping plants online that supply the assembly factories liste

Officially, Official: Bankruptcy judge approves sale of Chrysler assets

Late Sunday night, U.S. bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez approved the sale of Chrysler's remaining good assets to a group that includes the UAW VEBA health care trust, Fiat, and the U.S. and Canadian governments. The union will get a 68% stake, Fiat gets 20% and the governments split the rest. Gonzalez over-ruled virtually all objections to the deal on the grounds that the best chance of preserving any value in the assets was to move ahead with the sale. The only other viable alternative was liq

Ad alert! Chrysler Sebring is not the same as a Mercedes SL!

Actual images of a contemporary Chrysler Sebring convertible would likely scare off more potential buyers than draw them in, but this is ridiculous. Yes, they both have four wheels and retractable hard tops, but a Mercedes-Benz SL in no way passes for a Sebring. Ever. Erin Dodge near Toronto is offering up two brand "practically new" Sebrings for the not-so-bargain price of $34,888 (Canadian dollars), dangling photos of the SL as bait. The 2009 Sebring Limited starts at $32,695, so it's

Detroit 2009: Chrysler 200C Concept, what the Sebring should have been [w/VIDEO]

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chrysler 200C Concept

Could Chrysler's "Project D" be a Nissan?

Chrysler has been eerily silent about what, if anything, is in the works to replace the Avenger/Sebring twins, other than giving the replacement plan a cryptic "Project D" moniker. The pair are still relative newcomers to the scene, but the competition has delivered Chrysler's midsizers a sound drubbing both in the press and on the sales charts. The problem is that development costs money, something that's currently hard to come by. Thinking strategically, the unloved and outgunned Chryslers mig

Chrysler hasn't killed future product plans... yet

As you'd imagine, it's pretty tough to run a successful auto company if there's no viable product in the pipeline. Chrysler has seen its fair share of negative press for not announcing a clear strategy to rebuild the heart of its line-up, namely the Chrysler Sebring and the Dodge Avenger, and it's unclear how much life the aging 300C and Charger platform has in it. According to Chrysler's product development chief, Frank Klegon, though, there's nothing to worry about... assuming that the Feds pu

Chrysler adds content, efficiency and cuts price on Avenger, Sebring and 300

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Chrysler LLC model changes

Chrysler: Next mid-size sedan could be electric

Chrysler seems to be more than a little behind its cross-town rivals when it comes to electric vehicles and hybrids. After all, GM has committed a great deal of its available resources to get its Volt to market as quickly as possible and matches Chrysler's full-size SUV hybrid offerings. Ford has been selling a hybrid version of its own Escape for years with good success. Meanwhile, Chrysler has shown

Chrysler looking for partners for mid-size car

Chrysler's Project D is in full swing, and the automaker has targeted an end-of-winter date for its decision on how to proceed. As a refresher, Chrysler has set up a team consisting of people from every facet of vehicle design and marketing with the goal of coming up with a suitable replacement for the Pentastar's mid-sized Sebring and Dodge Avenger, which we'll charitably describe as non-

Clarkson: "Almost certainly the worst car in the entire world"

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

Chrysler and Nissan consider sharing mid-size car

Lending further credence to earlier rumors of platform sharing between Chrysler and Nissan, The Wall Street Journal reports that Chrysler is in talks to base its next mid-size sedan on the next-gen Altima platform. Chrysler's "Project D" focuses on finding or designing a suitable rep

Chrysler may nix top-of-the-line Avenger, Sebring

Gas prices are up, which has led to increased interest in midsizers, more specifically, the midsize offerings from Chrysler's competition. The Sebring has taken a 30 percent sales whack this year, mostly due to reduced fleet sales. The Avenger's year has been a little brighter, posting a two-percent gain. Contrast that with everyone else; Malibu, Fusion, and Accord are up ten percent or more this year; and therein lies Chrysler's problem. Ditching Chrysler's outmoded V6 for the four-cylinder pow

Spy Shots: 2009 Chrysler Sebring loses hood strakes

The Chrysler Sebring has been a major league disappointment since its introduction in 2007, but execs at Chrysler headquarters have promised that a new, better midsize sedan is on the way. The photo to the right is not that magical new Chrysler, but is what appears to be a warmed-over versi

Chrysler working on Project D to replace Sebring/Avenger

Amidst all the wheeling and dealing going on at Chrysler LLC., the automaker still has a lineup of current cars that needs attending to. The Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger duo have been underperforming in the marketplace since they were introduced in 2006, and in an interview with The Detroit Free Press, Chrysler's executive vice pres Frank Klegon reveals exactly what's going to happen to this company's midsize sedans in the future. Chrysler is readying a mid-cycle fix for the Sebring/Avenger th

Recall Watch: Wiring bug affects 181,000 Chrysler Sebrings and Dodge Avengers

Anyone who's rolling in a 2007-2008 Chrysler Sebring or Dodge Avenger, take note. Chryslerberus is recalling all 181,000 of those vehicles sold during that time to fix an electrical defect that affects unused connectors on the tire pressure monitoring system. Apparently, corrosion can cause a short, and owners could experience their vehicles failing to start, stalling once underway, or some other affectations of the electrical components, including the cruise control. Formal notices are going to

Chrysler product developer quits after 2 months on the job

Twenty-four year Chrysler employee Mike Donoughe has left the company after two months in his new post. Named to head Project D in January of this year, the program is creating new mid-sized cars that would replace the Sebring and Avenger and have actually have a chance against the Camcordimabu.

Dodge Viper could be sacrificed for new Sebring

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