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The second member of the Two-Mode hybrid partnership to bring a vehicle to the streets following GM's launch of the Tahoe/Yukon hybrids will be Chrysler. The Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen Hybrids don't actually go on sale to the the public until later this fall. However, the first "saleable" Aspen hybrid rolled silently off the assembly line at Chrysler's Newark, DE assembly plant on the March 10. So-called saleable units are typically built many months ahead of retail sales and built from pr

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is already past due for a full redesign and if Chrysler can hang in their long enough, a new one should debut in time for the 2011 model year. The privately-owned automaker has announced its intention to put $281 million in new tooling into the Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit that produces the Grand Cherokee and Commander. The perenially slow-selling Commander is expected to get the chop as the latest new Chrysler pares down its redundant model lineup. However,