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On Wednesday, Chrysler told its dealerships that it will be increasing the sticker price of its 2009 models by an average of $500. Shipping costs are also being raised by about $50 per vehicle, which could very well have something to do with the price of fuel. While this may seem like odd timing for a price increase considering the well-covered sales slump from which all auto manufacturers (yes, we truly do mean all auto manufacturers) are suffering, some dealership owners are commending Chrysle

It's hard to think of a way to make the Chrysler Sebring or Jeep Compass even less attractive, but a 2% price increase is a good start. It's not like Chrysler has control over the price of commodities, which is part of what's driving the increase that begins June 16th. Dealers will have to cough up extra cash the next time they replenish their inventories, but whatever's already on the lot will be unaffected. Chrysler's Stuart Schorr contends that the price bump brings Chrysler in line with its