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A vocal segment of the environmental movement continues to advocate the merits of hydrogen. One of the more effective showcases for hydrogen is Angels Nest, a completely sustainable living compound in New Mexico. Think of a green Disneyland for environmentalists: harvesting their own water, growing their food and generating their power with solar and wind. Included at Angels Nest is a free-range organic hydrogen refueling station, which is used to fill up a stretched Hummer limo that also runs o

Last Friday GM’s Craft Centre plant built the 24,150th Chevrolet SSR retro hotrod pickup. The Trailblazer-based SSR had been produced for three years at Craft Centre but never caught on much with consumers due to its lack of practicality for a truck and, at least initially, the lack of available grunt from its standard 5.3L Vortec V8 and four-speed automatic to get the thing going. The latter was remedied when Chevy began offering the $40,000 truck with its 400-hp, 6.0L LS2 V8 and a six-sp