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Last month Chevrolet officially revealed the fastest, most powerful Corvette of all time, the 2009 ZR1. At a minimum of 620hp, the ZR1 will very likely be the most powerful Corvette that ever gets built, at least with an internal combustion engine. Fuel economy rules and rising prices will mean that future generations of the Corvette, starting with the C7 that is expected to debut in about 2012, will follow the same path as most other vehicles. It will get smaller, lighter and more efficient.

One of the big stories today over on our sister site Autoblog is the new Corvette ZR1. The ZR1 is propelled by a new LS9 version of the classic small block V-8 that's been heavily beefed up and supercharged to yield at least 620hp. On several previous occasions here at ABG we've covered high-performance tuners who are using ethanol as a fuel in high power boosted engines to take advantage of the high octane ratings at a lower cost and cleaner emissions than racing gasolines. During the preview o