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Apparently taking a cue from our friends at Chrysler, the down under team from General Motors are now offering cheap gas as a buying incentive. Back in June, Chrysler began offering a three-year guarantee of gas at $2.99 a gallon on most new Chrysler vehicles in a bid to get consumers to buy. Holden is now offering buyers a guarantee of 99¢/liter which equates to about $3.22/gallon in U.S. dollars and gallons. The current price for regular gas in Australia is around $4.63/gallon. Holden's i

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Chrysler's "Let's Refuel America" incentive, in which the automaker gave out gas cards which guarantees fuel at $2.99 a gallon, has not proven very successful at all. After the program was initially launched, critics were quick to point out its flaws, and it appears that the car buying public was smart enough to see past the tactic as well. It's easy to understand that offering fuel at lower prices is no way to reduce its consumption, but it's the unfavorable financial information which likely p

While the government of Dubai is testing in Chevy Tahoe Hybrids as taxis, ordinary drivers aren't being quite so conscientious. So far record high prices for crude oil aren't being felt at the pump by drivers. While Americans are now paying over $4/gallon for gasoline, people in Dubai are paying only $1.36. Dubai itself has limited oil supplies and is getting only six percent of its revenue directly from crude. Nonetheless, the high price of oil benefits Dubai as people from more oil rich areas

In San Diego, drivers are paying an average of $4.61 a gallon for the cheap stuff. And like the rest of the country, most of them aren't too happy about it.

By now, you are surely aware of the gas promotions being run by auto companies such as Chrysler and Suzuki. While these programs have proved unsuccessful overall, this has not stopped other industries from jumping on the bandwagon. For instance, such diverse companies as Callaway Golf, Hasbro games, Hertz Rental Cars, Choice Hotels and Hotels.com are running promotions which include free gas. Additionally, the Northern Ohio Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross is offering such prizes

Here in the United States, consumers who fill up their fuel tanks are just now beginning to see the type of pain that Europeans have seen at the pump for years. Reactions to the recent rises in gasoline and diesel fuel are pretty much what you would expect, with new car purchasers eschewing gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient models left and right. Even manufacturers have gotten into the game, offering low cost fuel for up to three years in Chrysler's case, or giving gasoline away for free for

It looks like car shoppers have been smart enough to see past Chrysler's cheap gas guarantee. Despite Chrysler's extension of the offer for an extra month, a very small percentage of actual consumers have actually chosen the gas guarantee over the old fashioned cash back options. As we've reported in the past, the incentive wasn't really as good as it seemed once the math was done. As was pointed out by the Union of Concerned Scientists, a 3 mpg bump in efficiency would be equal to the savings C

Times are tough in Detroit these days as each of the Big 3 saw drastic drops in sales for the month of May. It's not surprising, then, to see that Chrysler, Dodge and Ford have increased incentives in an effort to get those cars off its dealer's lots. For instance, prospective buyers for the Hemi-powered Chrysler 300C can now choose either $4,000 cash back or $2,000 plus Chrysler's $2.99 gas promotion, known as Let's Refuel America. Choosing Chrysler's full-size SUV, the Aspen, will net you $4,5

Don't like the weather? Just wait, it'll change. Don't like gas prices? Just wait, they'll change, too. But if the weather brings a hurricane, some experts say gas prices could hit as high as $6 a gallon.

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If the gas stations around here we're selling regular gasoline for under $2.20 a gallon these days (when it was over $3 not too long ago), this article from MSN would seem even more ridiculous that it is. So perhaps MSN is right, and gas prices drop to about $1.15 a gallon again. MSN says it's not a fantasy. Here's why: