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We've seen countless celebs go green by either choosing to drive in a hybrid vehicle, electric car or even a scooter. The latest well-known person we've heard has made the change to two-wheels might not be a celebrity by the strictest definition of the word, but we're sure you know his name: Donald Rumsfeld. We're going to leave any political bits out of this post and just suggest that it's nice to see well-known people make a fuel-saving purchase. The specific scooter model that Mr. Rumsfeld, f

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We always like to report on celebrities driving hybrids, and now we can add two more to the list. But, this one has a twist! The celebs are a couple, and they are sharing their Prius between themselves! What could be better than driving a Prius? Sharing a Prius, of course, and that is exactly what Hollywood couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are doing. According to this article, Rebecca was the green one of the family, and she seems to have talked some green sense into her new husband. Je