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Labor Day Is One Of The Most Popular Days For Car Thieves

Take a few preventative measures to avoid becoming a statistic

Labor Day is one of the top five holidays of the year for stolen vehicles, according to data from the National Crime Bureau. In 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, these five holidays combined saw a remarkable 10,543 thefts.

How Thieves Are Targeting Drivers In New York City

Crooks tell drivers they have a flat tire, then steal from car

Ever had a passer-by flag you down and alert you to a soft tire on your car? You probably thanked the person and checked out your wheels.

Car Thieves Attack Motorists Stuck In Traffic

Police apprehend 4 suspects in brazen heists

Think your morning commute to work is rough? You'll be thankful it's merely a crawl through traffic after watching this video of brazen thieves, who have been attacking motorists stuck in congestion.

Lock Those Doors: New Year's Day the worst holiday for stolen cars?

Maybe it's the mass inebriation that makes it easier, but New Year's Eve is apparently hottest holiday for car theft. If the whole world is already sleeping it off, there's no way anybody is going to pay heed to your stupid alarm, perhaps.

Protect your sound system with smarts

One of the easiest ways to customize a car is to yank out that factory radio and stick in something with more snazzy looks and more jazzy sound. Unfortunately, thieves know how easily your new stereo can be yanked out.

Thailand gov't delivers crushing blow to Ferrari

In Thailand, exotic car theft is a pretty common occurrence, and thieves are pretty sophisticated about it, too. First, they make off with the vehicle's important components. Then, after the police seize what's left, the criminals purchase it at auction at about 15% of its value. This is "car laundering," and local officials have caught on to the ruse. Now, rather than auction cars off to the people who stole them to begin with, the government will simply crush what's left behind. Here's an exam