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Make Magazine just published its big Arduino issue, covering projects big and small that utilize the open-source I/O board. However, Make didn't tap the in-car potential of the imminently hackable Arduino, so SparkFun – the board's distributor – decided to highlight Eddie Zarick's Jeeputer setup.

If you've snagged an iPad or Galaxy Tab, or plan to pick up one of the eleventeen quadrillion Android tablets that debuted at CES, you might have an unloved netbook collecting dust in the corner. Nobody puts ACER in a corner! So if you're looking for a weekend project, here's a suggestion: port your netbook's audio into your car stereo, connect it to a wireless network and use Dropbox to sync your tunes on the go.

Apple makes good interfaces. Just ask BMW and Mini. They were the first automakers to take advantage of the iPod Out functionality, porting Apple's slick UI directly onto in-dash screens. Now the UK's own Mister Romin has taken it a step further, plugging his iPhone into an off-the-shelf Belkin AV dock and routing it into a Lilliput FA1042 10-inch touchscreen.