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Volvo dealer in Verona, Italy is company's first to go carbon neutral

Dealers for car companies have tried various carbon neutral offerings. A Land Rover shop in Oregon, for example, gave away carbon offsets for the first 50,000 miles of each new vehicle sold last year. But what did it take to make the new Volvo Trucks dealer in Verona, Italy totally carbon neutral? Solar cells on the roof.

clickair offsets CO2 emissions in forest close to base airport

Another airline has decided to give passengers the option to offset your carbon emissions when purchasing plane tickets. The latest carbon offset entrant is clickair, a low-cost company based in Barcelona, Spain. The story is that, due to Barcelona's airport placement between two lagoons and a protected area, the airline's carbon offsets take place close to El Prat de Llobregat airport, in a reserve by the Llobregat river.

uShip partners with TerraPass for environmentally conscious shipping

Earlier this year, TerraPass sold its 100,000th sticker. The momentum to offset a vehicle's carbon emissions continues, and you can now participate in the program even if you're not in your car

NJ firefighters make red trucks green to fight global warming and fires

In Robbinsville, New Jersey, the Professional Fire Fighters Local 3786 has see the light. Used to fighting fires around town, the fire fighters have gone green to help fight global warming. Compact florescent light bulbs and and other energy saving measures were implemented at the firehouse, but the big red firetruck got an upgrade as well. Two of the fire fighters' front line emergency response vehicles, one ambulance and one large fir

Should solo Hummer drivers be allowed the HOV lane if they're carbon neutral?

California bill SB 1374, if passed and signed into a law, would allow any car to join the HOV sticker program as long as that vehicle is carbon neutral. This would mean someone driving alone in a Hummer could legally be allowed into the HOV lane, if the Hummer's emissions were offset. Senator Jim Battin officially proposed the legislation but Lascelles Linton

TerraPass updates online CO2 calculator

It's a minor change, but over at TerraPass, the carbon-offset-powers-that-be have added a comparison bar to the online emissions calculator. Now, when you input information to figure out how much your indulgence TerraPass CO2 offset sticker will cost you, you'll also see a yellow bar that compares your annual emissions with the average U.S. car. The Sebastian Blanco

Trying to find the green at the Super Bowl - it's there if you look for it

We've covered some of the green car items that'll be on TV this afternoon, including an ad for the Yukon Hybrid, but what about the people who actually go to the game? What sort of cleaner driving angle can they add to their day? A couple, b

Carbon Catalog update, now it's twice as good

The Carbon Catalog website opened up back in September and since then has gotten about twice as informative, doubling the amount of data available on carbon offset organizations. The idea behind the Catalog is to provide a non-partisan, one-stop, ad-free resource for information on carbon offset projects and providers. As founder Gideon Greenspan rec

ibuyeco claims carbon offsets of 25,000 tons since June

One of many green insurance programs, ibuyeco has been offsetting drivers' CO2 emissions since opening shop in June. The company just sent out an announcement that the results so far include the offsetting of 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide with the help of the CarbonNeutral Company. While this sounds like a lot, it's actually kind of a drop, really. After its first three months of operation, Sebastian Blanco