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Hackers will need to gain access to the car's 17-inch touchscreen display

In the world of computers, competitions that challenge so-called "white hat" hackers are fairly common. Break into this system in X minutes and we'll give you Y dollars. Rarely, though, does this world cross over with the realm of automobiles.

Government sees technology as a way to reduce collisions on the road

Raising hopes of preventing many collisions, transportation officials say they'll propose requiring that automakers equip new cars and light trucks with technology that lets vehicles communicate with each other.

OfficeMax incident latest cause for concern over automotive privacy

An Illinois father grieving the loss of his daughter in a car accident found a disturbing piece of junk mail when he went to his mailbox last week.

When it comes to technology, you know what kind of consumer you are as surely as a beer enthusiast knows his favorite microbrew. Usually, it comes down to this: You're either an "early adopter" or you're a "laggard." Even if you're somewhere in between, we're betting you side with one of the two groups.

Translogic heads to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association's (SEMA) annual trade show in episode 8.1. SEMA began in Los Angeles in 1963, and back then it was just a small group of hot-rodders, drag racers and performance pioneers. Accordingly, when the SEMA acronym was first coined, the S stood for speed. According to the official SEMA web site, the early founders had a simple goal: "develop uniform standards for certain products used in motorsports com

Translogic 7.4 focused on two cars that offer some pretty killer technology at a low price, the Nissan Juke and Ford Fiesta. But they aren't the only cars that follow that formula. Here's a look at other budget cars that offer enough high-end tech to rival the luxury makes. The 2011 Scion tC includes some impressive hardware and software when it comes to in-car entertainment. For just under $19,000 even the base tC has a 300-watt Pioneer sound system with eight speakers and a two-channel amp th