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5 great portable car battery chargers | Autoblog's favorites

Never get stuck with a dead battery again

Never get stuck with a dead battery again.

Having a Diehard battery key to surviving the zombie apocalypse?

While there's no shortage of zombie commercials and marketing gimmicks floating around these days, Sears has come up with one of the coolest yet. With high production values and plenty of suspense, this 79-second spot looks more like a George Romero flick than an ad for Diehard car batteries.

Johnson Controls SC recycling center can process 14m vehicle batteries a year

For companies such as Johnson Controls, Inc., there are opportunities to be had supplying advanced batteries for hybrids and electric vehicles. But where do all those advanced lithium batteries – and the older ones being pulled out today's hybrids – end up? Regulators, environmentalists and media want to know.

Video: DieHard keeps Gary Numan "stable for days"

DieHard battery ad with Gary Numan – Click above to watch the video after the jump