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When you're partnering up to build a green vehicle, Kenworth and Peterbilt may not exactly be the first names that come to mind, but those over-the-road heavyweights are exactly the companies that Capstone Turbine is working with to generate new concepts. Working with these companies, Capstone expects to develop prototypes for both Class 7 (26,000-33,000 pounds) and Class 8 (over 33,000 pounds) range-extended series hybrid trucks.

There was a bit of confusion on our part regarding the Velozzi concept in Translogic Episode 1.2. Velozzi does plan to produce the plug-in hybrid sports car we showed, but the concept referred to in the video was actually developed by Capstone, a micro-turbine manufacturer. That car, dubbed the CMT-380, is configured similarly to Chevy's forthcoming Volt. It employs a fully electric drive system with lithium-polymer batteries and can be used strictly as an electric vehicle by plugging in to rec

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If a car is going to use a series hybrid or extended range EV powertrain a a conventional piston engine is hardly the optimal package for a range extender. Something smaller and more power dense would be preferred. A small turbine engine is one possibility and that's exactly the approach taken by Langford Performance engineering. They've used a micro-turbine from California-based Capstone Turbine. A turbine works well in this type of application because it can run at constant speed.

Capstone Turbine Corporation, maker of the micro turbines that are being used as a power source in some hybrid buses, has announced that they have demonstrated that their 30 kW microturbine is compliant with the new EPA and CARB standards that will come into effect in 2010. Makers of some internal combustion diesel engines have been having some difficulty meeting the criterion without the implementation of lots of expensive add-ons, usually exhaust treatment systems. These additions will add to

The lithium titanate batteries by Altairnano has been tried in powerstations, trucks and even a dragster and will soon have the opportunity to prove their metal in a hybrid bus application. The company has announced that they have received an order for four demo battery packs by the innovative bus maker Designline International, who will shell out a hefty $540,000 for this initial order. While one of the 44 KWh packs will be used for modular testing, the other three will be installed in Ecosaver

While spending the wee hours trying to dig up more information on a deal reported in The Earth News between micro-turbine maker Capstone and Italian bus builder Eco Power Technology, I came across an unexpected bit of news. According to a post by nbodyhome on Disney fan forum Micechat, a Designline bus has been doing some testing down at the home of the famous rodent in Orlando. Designline is the New Zealand manufacturer behind the solar powered Tindo bus and uses a Capstone micro-turbine in its