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Limits drivers to same-sex passenger, limits hours of operation

Limits drivers to same-sex passengers, limits hours of operation.


It has already cut way back on the stuff in cells for the Tesla Model 3

It has already cut way back on the stuff in cells for the Tesla Model 3.


U.S. national security investigation alarms BMW, VW and Daimler

U.S. national security investigation alarms BMW, VW and Daimler.


Bright spot in a tough week

Bright spot in a tough week.

Car will be first in an onslaught of EVs from MB

Daimler will invest 500 million euros ($589 million) in Hambach, France, to start producing a small electric Mercedes-Benz, the first of more than 10 EVs it plans by 2022 to go up against U.S. rival Tesla and its Model 3.


Hamburg will start enforcing new rules by the end of the month

German cities are entitled to ban older diesel vehicles from streets with immediate effect to bring air pollution levels in line with European Union rules, Germany's top administrative court confirmed on Friday.


GAC-Toyota ix4 is an EV SUV going on sale by end of the year

Toyota is taking an unprecedented route to meet China's stringent green car quotas: its showrooms will sell an electric vehicle without the Japanese company's distinctive triple-oval logo.


Governor John Kasich opens state's roads to autonomous car testing

Ohio has become the latest state to open its roads for testing self-driving vehicles, in a boost to a nascent industry that has been facing increased scrutiny after a well-publicized death involving Uber's self-driving car testing.

Their questions ‘were neither valid nor pertinent’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk defended the snub of two Wall Street analysts on a conference call, proclaiming in a tweet on Friday that they "were trying to justify their Tesla short thesis."

Range of 500-1,200 miles and about 20 minutes to re-fuel

Budweiser beer maker Anheuser-Busch said on Thursday it reserved up to 800 hydrogen-fueled semi-trucks from Nikola Motor Company as part of plans to convert its dedicated long-haul fleet to renewable powered trucks by 2025. ​​​​


Says Tesla violates several of its patents for hydrogen-electric semi

Nikola Motor Co, which makes hydrogen-powered semi trucks, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against electric automaker Tesla alleging design patent infringements.


$18B plan: Gets Didi's data, co-develop autonomous vehicles

Volkswagen AG, the world's biggest automaker, is in talks to form a joint venture with China's Didi Chuxing to manage part of the ride-hailing company's fleet of cars and help develop "purpose-built" vehicles for Didi's services.

‘They can actually feel’: Collaborative robots work alongside people

Carmakers have big plans for their next generation of factories: smarter designs, artificial intelligence and collaborative robots building a wide range of vehicles on the same line.

Blames media and staff, calls investigations distraction from agenda

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt on Thursday rejected a litany of ethics complaints against him as lies intended to derail President Donald Trump's agenda, and put much of the blame for any agency missteps on his staff.


Scott Pruitt wants to revoke ‘California waiver’ to set own standards

The Trump administration's rejection on Monday of an Obama-era plan to make automobiles more fuel efficient opens up a long process to weaken current standards and puts California and the federal government on a collision course over vehicle emissions.


It cost him $50 a night; travel expenses under review, too

The White House is reviewing Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt's activities after reports he paid below the market rate to live in a condo owned by a lobbyist who deals with issues overseen by the agency, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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We challenge you to find a more epic mower than this

Alamo Industrial has released an all-terrain industrial mower that looks like a mini tank. RidgeRunner is operated by a remote control that displays the travel speed, cutting height, hours of operation, and radio strength. It's designed for roadside maintenance and landscape grooming.

Between impersonal people pods and ultra-luxury, there may be no middle

Between impersonal people pods and ultra-luxury, there may be no middle


Firefighters: "Amazingly, there were no injuries!"

"Amazingly, there were no injuries."

Here's how the German luxury sector shakes out

Mercedes' sales jumped nearly 10 percent.