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Bricklin: The Musical

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Book Review: The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History

In 1985, just nine months before the Yugo came to America, Yugo America CEO Malcolm Bricklin and second in command Tony Ciminera toured the Zastava plant in Kragujevac, Yugoslavia. This is where the Yugo 45, the crazy-cheap car Americans would come to know, love and then loathe, would be built and rebadged as the

SEMA Sideshow: Bricklin SV1 show car

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George Soros said to be pouring $200M into Chery export venture

George Soros is said to be looking at investing $200M into Chinese automaker Chery to help its efforts in exporting low-cost vehicles to the United States. How this dovetails into Malcolm Bricklin's efforts to do the same with his Visionary Vehicles company is not yet clear; Bricklin is said to have confirmed the amount of the pending investment, but won't state the source of the money. Soros' fortune, earned mostly by currency speculation, is es