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Maxwell Technologies doubles ultracapacitor production

Maxwell Technologies reports that it has more than doubled its ultracapacitor production capacity over the past year and is moving forward with its plans to increase output of its Boostcap line of ultracapacitors. To date, Maxwell has pumped out more than 15 million ultracaps, says David Schramm, the firm's president and chief executive officer, adding that "ultracapacitor sales having grown by more than 50 per

Video: Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle is no ordinary bike

Hybrid electric photovoltaic bike – Click above to watch video after the jump

PSA Peugeot Citroën's e-HDi Start-Stop System will use Boostcap ultracapacitors

Continental AG has teamed up with Maxwell Technologies to make their booster module more convenient and efficient. Called an E-booster, the new module is part of PSA Peugeot Citroën's mild-hybrid system, called e-HDI. Maxwell technologies is supplying their Boostcap ultracapacitors to Continental AG for the new module. Ultracapacitors have an ideal characteristic – power

Maxwell will bring BOOSTCAP line to public transportation expo

Let's see? Boostcap, Boostcap, Boostcap. Where have we heard this before? Ah, yes. Back in November 2006 we first heard about Maxwell Technologies' 125 volt ultracapacitor and we later learned about the heavy duty version (390 volts) for hybrid buses and how the ultracaps

Maxwell Technologies' Ultracapacitors Receive Chinese Government Certification for Energy Storage Applications in Vehicles

Maxwell Technologies' latest press release brings us news of ultracapacitors in China. The good news: Maxwel's ultracaps have been certified by the official testing agency of the People's Republic of China for use in energy storage applications in vehicles. The bad news: the Chinese government is not always known for making the best

Hybrid buses with ultra-capacitors roll out in California

Maxwell is already pushing out its newly-released Heavy Duty Transportation module (HTM) 390-volt Boostcap ultracapacitor to industrial and transportation markets including for use in a number of hybrid city buses being rolled out in California. The HTM 390 has been designed to provide scalable, easy-to-integrate, energy storage and power delivery solutions of up to 1,170 v

New 125-volt Boostcap ultracapacitor introduced by Maxwell Technologies

Even though Honda is dropping the ultracapacitor used in the current version of the FCX fuel cell car in the new FCX prototype, ultracapacitors have and will continue to play an important role in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology. That's why it's cool news to see that Ma