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When a manufacturer expressly tells you that using certain types of fuel in a vehicle will cause damage and using said fuel will void the warranty, it's probably a good idea not to use the fuel in question. The city of Portland, Oregon certainly deserves credit for its aggressive use of biodiesel in its municipal truck fleet. However, if Portland or any other city is going to pursue such a program, they really should make sure the diesel engines in its vehicles are compatible with the fuel. Six

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The DTE Energy company, which provides natural gas and electric services to Michigan customers, is going to start using biodiesel in its fleet of 800 diesel trucks and service vehicles (things like bucket trucks and light-duty vehicles). DTE will present a ceremony on Tuesday to mark the shift to the biofuel, but didn't announce the percentage of biodiesel it will be using. DTE did say that Michigan-based biodiesel supplier RKA Petroleum will provide the fuel and that the switch is the "environm

Did they steal the biodiesel or the trucks? Two trucks, a 2,400-gallon tanker and a Dodge Ram flatbed, were stolen from a biodiesel station near Fort Worth, Texas last Wednesday. The trucks carried "thousands of gallons" of fuel but the problem for the station owner (Bobby Camp of DFW Biodiesel) is that he's now got to borrow another company's tanker for the time being. He doesn't have a lot of hope that he'll get his trucks back. He told the local NBC station that, "Those trucks could be anywhe