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Damaged Ady Gil just after collision with Japanese whaling ship - Click above to watch the video after the break

You have to give it to the Earthrace crew for keeping the faith as long as they have, and with all of the problems that they have encountered along the way, including the possible breakage of their boat and a deadly accident involving a fishing boat. Just a few days ago, we updated you that they had revised their trip plan in one final last ditch attempt to break the record of circumnavigating the globe using their biodiesel-powered boat. But, it seems that reality has recently struck, and they

The biodiesel-powered, environmentally friendly Earthrace speedboat is limping into its first port. The boat took off on a world-record attempt to circumnavigate the globe on March 10. But 16 hours later, according to the team's website, the crew nearly had to give up the attempt.

The first boatload full of 60,000 tons of biofuel made from palm oil left Malaysia for, expectedly, Germany yesterday. While the government is understandably proud of this feat, but as Treehugger notes, making biodiesel in SE Asia often means lots of deforestation. In Malaysia's case, 87 percent of the deforestation in the country was because of new palm oil plantations. Malaysian Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Peter Chin said Malaysia must increase the pace at which oil pa