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What is biodiesel? In short, biodiesel is a fuel that's suitable for use in diesel engines that is not based on petroleum. Biodiesel is often made from plant sources. It's also possible to mix biodiesel with petroleum-based diesel fuel in any ratio. Since most any engine designed to run on diesel fuel can use biodiesel, it would seem that this biofuel could displace a great deal of fuel pumped from the ground. In some cases, it is possible to run diesel engines on straight vegetable oil (often r

Most manufacturers, including heavy-hitters like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, allow the use of a 5 percent biodiesel blend (aka B5) without violating the terms of the car's original factory warranty. What happens if you use a higher biodiesel concentration? That's a good question, and the answer isn't particularly clear at the moment. According to Steve Keyes, Volkswagen's director of public relations, "All Volkswagen TDI models are warranted for the use of up to a B5 blend. Blends of biodiesel